Fossil Rim to debut new website

As Fossil Rim Wildlife Center continues to strive for improvements to its facilities and roads, among other things, its online presence will be following suit in the coming days.

The website address will remain, but the presentation has undergone a full makeover.

“Primarily, we wanted to sell tickets online – for admission, booking a tour and booking lodging,” said Warren Lewis, Fossil Rim marketing director.


Fossil Rim Wildlife Center’s new website will not only provide updated content and improved navigation, but also a focus on customer convenience. The site will still be located at

Lewis stressed the importance of providing the best-possible customer experience. While tickets for admission, tours and lodging will not be available online immediately when the new website launches, they will definitely be in play during the near future.

“I think this new site will really help us with our lodging, because most people won’t typically book a hotel unless they can do it online,” he said. “It’s about the convenience factor for our guests.”

In the past, Fossil Rim customers had a limited time window in which they could do business each day.


Each animal species page now has a “Meet the Neighbors” section that identifies other Fossil Rim species which have at least a portion of native range in common with the focus animal.

“People used to have to do business with us in that 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. window each day by phone,” he said. “Now, you will be able to buy an admission ticket early in the morning before we open. It will speed up check-in so people can go enjoy the park.”

Fossil Rim does have a number of website users who live far away and only visit rarely, if ever at all. The site revamp should still appeal to them.

“One of the most satisfying things about the website is the navigation,” Lewis said. “It’s easier to find the things you’re looking for. All of the content has been updated and is accurate.”

The new site also caters to a particular viewing format.

“The site is specifically designed for the mobile user, so anyone with a smartphone will be able to find the information they’re looking for a bit quicker,” Lewis said.


The lodging portion of the website should really come in handy, as guests will be able to plan the details of their stay and then secure their reservations online.

Another notable upgrade will be a point-of-sale system that will enable Fossil Rim to better understand the preferences and interests of individual customers.

“We will be utilizing a Centaman POS system, which will allow us to track what people buy and thus what they are interested in,” he said. “We’ll know more about them – even what animal species they like. This will allow us to do a better job catering to each customer.”

Just as species evolve, Fossil Rim is working to do the same.

“There’s a saying around here that ‘we need to constantly be improving,’” Lewis said. “Things are always changing at Fossil Rim in many aspects.”

-Tye Chandler, Marketing Associate


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