Winos For Rhinos promises interesting & informative evening

The rhinoceros is a fascinating animal facing a perilous future, and there is an upcoming opportunity to get a firsthand update from the experts of Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.

“Winos For Rhinos” is slated for Feb. 16 from 5-8 p.m. at D’Vine Wine in Granbury. Anyone is welcome to the event; in fact, hopefully you will bring a friend.

“We are one of the only nonprofits to have a partnership with D’Vine Wine, and it’s flattering that they want to host an event at their facility in order to share our story of conservation and all the different things we do globally for wildlife,” said Warren Lewis, Fossil Rim marketing director.


The partnership is practical from a geographic perspective.

“The great thing is once people come out to an event like this, we are only 20 minutes south of Granbury,” Lewis said of the wildlife center located a few miles outside of Glen Rose. “After they hear from our staff about the different things we’re doing, they can easily access the property and come see it firsthand.”

Fossil Rim’s rhino expert and hoofstock curator, Adam Eyres, will be in attendance to address rhinos at Fossil Rim and on a global scale.

“The beautiful thing about Adam being there is, not only is he involved in animal reintroductions globally, his wife (Janet Johnson) is also involved in species reintroduction with the Attwater’s prairie chicken – the rarest bird in Texas,” Lewis said. “They are probably some of the most important folks in the area to talk about reintroductions – why and how we do them, as well as their success rates. If you have a passion or interest about this topic, it will be well worth your time to join us for this event.”

The story of the modern rhinoceros is certainly a dramatic tale.

“One of the biggest concerns is that the poaching rate of rhinos annually has exceeded the birth rate,” Lewis said. “That means their population is in a huge decline and on the path toward extinction.”

There is also a more lighthearted side to what Eyres will address, namely the progress of Fossil Rim’s hand-reared white rhino calf.

“It’s pretty interesting to discover what it actually takes to raise this white rhino,” Lewis said. “He is gaining roughly 4-5 pounds per day, and it’s fascinating to watch his behavior. He is a baby and acts like a baby, at least for now, although his weight may suggest otherwise.”

The less familiar a person is with Fossil Rim, the more likely they are to think “drive-thru zoo.”

“Our main focus is working with animals in peril, and the rhino is one of those,” Lewis said. “From an international perspective, we are one of the founding partners in the International Rhino Foundation (IRF). I find it interesting how the small town of Glen Rose is impacting the world with rhino conservation.”

Although rhinos will be the focus of the evening, the presence of several Fossil Rim animal staff members will allow for inquiries about other animals, as well.

“This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about Fossil Rim from our staff,” Lewis said. “We consider our visitors to be partners in conservation. So, when you do come to Fossil Rim, you’ll know more about why we are doing certain things.”

With the pleasant ambience of D’Vine Wine, a bevy of wine varieties and engaging discussion with new and familiar acquaintances alike, it should make for an engaging evening.

“This is purely an informative and social opportunity where you can appreciate wine while you learn about our mission and an endangered animal that is right here in your backyard,” Lewis said. “Come enjoy some conversation and chat with our Fossil Rim staff.”

For more information, please email or call D’Vine Wine at 817-573-7200.

-Tye Chandler, Marketing Associate



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