Fossil Rim becomes Santa for local family


Each year, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center adopts a family, as chosen by the Somervell County Food Bank and Glen Rose ISD. The family shares a wish list of gifts, and then Fossil Rim staff donates the requested items. In this photo, Pam Adams, who heads the efforts at Fossil Rim to gather the requested items, chats with the mother of this year’s adopted family at the food bank on Dec. 20.


PaPa’s Pantry is also known as Somervell County Food Bank in Glen Rose.


Pam Adams works with Max Bly, former Somervell County Food Bank director, to get all the presents ready.


These are the presents donated by Fossil Rim staff, as well as a refurbished laptop from Fossil Rim’s IT department.


Scott Hughes, Fossil Rim IT director, sets up a refurbished laptop for the adopted family.


Pam Adams hugs the mom of this year’s adopted family.


Debi Bly, Somervell County Food Bank director, is happy to welcome this mother and her family to pick up food and gifts furnished by Fossil Rim staff.


Fossil Rim’s adopted family is all smiles after seeing the gifts that they are taking home.


Fossil Rim staff members (from left) Michael Birt, Angela Gresham, Hailey Shields, Genni Link, Scott Hughes and Pam Adams get ready to present gifts to this year’s adopted family.







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