Monthly Archives: January 2016

APC season takes flight with health assessment

Breeding season is on the doorstep for the endangered Attwater’s prairie chickens (APCs) inside the Jim Jackson Intensive Management Area at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, but before impressing a mate there are other tests to pass. The Fossil Rim veterinary staff was on hand Jan. 26 alongside Janet Johnson, avian curator, and Cara Burch, senior […]

Black rhino rebooted at Fossil Rim

After battling recurring foot issues for 19 of her 26 years, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center’s southern black rhino “Coco” donned her first pair of Diceros Boots Nov. 30. The boots, orange and black creations courtesy of Diceros Boots LLC President Christine Bobko, weren’t Coco’s first foray into footwear, but they were unanimously deemed the best […]

Overlook Café showcases scenic deliciousness

Enjoy a Browser Salad while you watch a 19-foot giraffe eat browse from the trees below. That may sound like a fantasy, but it’s the reality of a meal at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center’s Overlook Café. Feeding visitors since Fossil Rim opened to the public in 1984, the café provides spectacular scenery with a panoramic […]

Giraffe towers above Facebook poll competition

  We held a Facebook poll for two days this week regarding people’s top five favorite animals here at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, and what had to be the favorite by many to finish atop the poll did indeed deliver. The giraffe won the poll by a comfortable margin, and considering it is the only […]

Wildlife educators converge on Fossil Rim

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center had even more wildlife knowledge than usual within its fences Jan. 13-15 for the annual Texas Aquarium and Zoo Educators (TAZE) Conference. The event brings educators statewide together to discuss programs and facility updates, as well as introduce each other to new ideas and possibilities. The location changes each time, as […]

Support services shines behind the scenes

Everyone remembers the scene in the Wizard of Oz where the wizard was busy behind the curtain. While he proved to be a fraud, the wide variety of ways the support services department keeps the gears turning in the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center machine is very real. Those staff members are behind the curtain in […]

Blocks building on their Fossil Rim fandom

For Ellie and Edward Block, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center has been part of their lives for more than a quarter century. It all started for Ellie in 1988 – just four years after Fossil Rim was founded. “My sister brought me there for the first time in 1988 as a birthday present,” she said. “I […]