Monthly Archives: November 2015

Meeting animal food demands is a tall order

As humans across America focus on vast spreads of food each Thanksgiving, there’s no better time to investigate the sustenance situation at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. With approximately 50 species totaling roughly 1,100 animals depending on the season, there are grand nutritional demands. The annual budget for animal food and supplies is about $150,000 – […]

Somervell County Day means full stomachs, free admission

Sometimes, an event manages to benefit everyone involved. Such is the case with Somervell County Day, set for Saturday, Dec. 5 at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. It has become a tradition that now falls one day after Fossil Rim’s Dream Day event. “If you live or work in Somervell County, just bring an item that […]

Dream Day delivers memorable moments

There’s just something about the atmosphere at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center that makes it a venue to facilitate cherished memories. In 2007, Dr. Pat Condy, Fossil Rim executive director, decided it was time to capitalize on that notion. “I was visiting a zoo, and I noticed some hospital buses and ambulances,” Condy said. “I found […]

Inquisitive students interview Fossil Rim staff

As both a Glen Rose Intermediate School art teacher and a Fossil Rim Wildlife Center volunteer, Jeff Gottfried knew he wanted to see a convergence of the two. A detailed educational and fundraising plan is in motion during the 2015-16 school year, as his students are enjoying every minute of it by all accounts. After […]

Delving into daily life of Fossil Rim cheetahs

Where do cheetahs live at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center? What’s behind the design of their facilities? What are the considerations for feeding the carnivores? These are questions best answered by the people who take care of the world’s fastest land animals each and every day. Different facilities share common goals At Fossil Rim, some cheetahs […]

Swenson strives to join select group

Along her life path that led to becoming a Fossil Rim Wildlife Center associate veterinarian, Julie Swenson got it in her mind to pursue a significant designation. She was going to put in the time and effort to become a Diplomate of the American College of Zoological Medicine (ACZM). “In 2007, during my zoo internship […]

Spooktacular steps it up in year four

Things don’t always work out, but when results match the level of effort invested, an event can be special. Such was the case for the Fourth Annual Spooktacular Halloween Extravaganza on the evening of Oct. 31 to the delight of Amber Wiedeman, Fossil Rim CAC supervisor. It truly was a case of bigger and better […]