Monthly Archives: January 2015

Treatment isn’t always black and white

This past August, a 5 day old Hartmann’s mountain zebra was found with a rear leg injury. Her dam was protective of her and it was difficult to assess the severity, so she was immobilized for examination. The leg was badly infected and the damage was quite severe, so she was taken to the vet […]

Working in a Winter Wonderland

Visitors frequently ask us how the animals at Fossil Rim stay warm in the winter. With many of our species originating in Africa and warmer climates, Fossil Rim does take many precautions to help our animals withstand the Texas winters. We have a dedicated staff that works with the animals, rain or shine, to ensure […]

Age Matters

In addition to caring for the animals on our property and doing various research studies onsite, Fossil Rim also contributes to research projects around the world. One such study was headed up by a scientist at the Zoological Society of London who works closely with the Sahara Conservation Fund. Fossil Rim was asked to provide […]