Monthly Archives: April 2014

The Zebra’s History at Fossil Rim

One of our visitors’ favorite animals is the zebra, but did you know that there are actually three species of zebras? Fossil Rim has been home to all three species during its history, and we currently have Hartmann’s mountain zebras and Grevy’s zebras. From 1986 to 2011, Fossil Rim had a breeding herd of Grant’s […]

Bull Management

Historically Fossil Rim managed herds as the animals would occur in the wild—a dominant bull with a number of females (harem) and youngsters. Many of our species are not seasonal breeders (think white-tailed deer with rut and breeding always at the same time of year), so they might calve at any time of year. So […]

Antlers vs. Horns

One of the most common animal-related questions we were asked during Spring Break was in regard to antlers and horns. While these two terms are often used interchangeably in common vernacular, they actually are distinctly different. We’ll start with antlers. Only deer species (the family Cervidae) grow antlers, and in nearly all species only the […]