Monthly Archives: February 2014

Animal Capture and Restraint | Chemical Immobilization

In the preceding entries you learned about capture and handling techniques that don’t require drugs.  So, what’s the deal, why do we even need chemical immobilization? Well, we use it mostly for safety, both the animal’s and care giver’s, and often it is needed just to get near an animal.  Big pastures are awesome. Lots […]

A Tribute to Cinnabar and Moose

A career in animal care is full of ups and downs. It can be one of the most rewarding careers at times, but also one of the hardest. This past year the carnivore department was rewarded with the birth of 2 litters of cheetah cubs and a litter of maned wolf pups. Unfortunately, we also […]

Animal Capture and Restraint | Manual Restraint

The last blog post was focused on the boma, a tool used to capture a group of animals without sedation. This post will focus on manual restraint utilizing various tools and techniques. Fossil Rim houses over 1,000 animals so we are often required to handle animals that are sick or injured, or for management purposes. […]