Monthly Archives: October 2013

Growing in the Key-hole Garden

With 1 in 8 people hungry in our world, it may seem daunting to think that one individual could make a difference.  Fortunately, by taking responsibility for our own food choices we can systematically make a difference in the global food system.  Choosing locally produced food items keeps local economies healthy, provides healthy and affordable […]

How to create a key-hole garden

This is a step by step guide demonstrating my journey in creating the Wolf Ridge Keyhole Garden. This garden was inspired by an article featuring Dr. Deb Tolman’s Keyhole Gardening “Unlocking the secrets of drought-hardy gardens” inspired by African design. This garden is drought hardy and does well in areas with little rainfall and nutrient […]

World Food Day

Today 1 in 8 will go to bed hungry. Here, in Texas, 1 in 4 households will suffer from food insecurity. Today is also World Food Day. World Food Day, observed every October 16, is an opportunity to promote and boost support against hunger, malnutrition and poverty. Since its establishment in 1979, organizations have assembled […]