The world of the modern rhinoceros is a complicated one. Discussing this animal in advance of World Rhino Day on Sept. 22, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center Lead Rhino Keeper Justin Smith was happy and sad, as well as frustrated and hopeful. Smith’s determination was evident when he addressed the efforts of Fossil Rim staff to […]


The Sahara Desert may be on the other side of the world, but it seemed much closer to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center thanks to a special visitor Sept. 12. John Newby, founding CEO of the Sahara Conservation Fund (SCF), blended a broad overview of the organization with very specific details for Fossil Rim staff, interns […]


Frequent followers of the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center Facebook page will note that shares from the Conservation Centers for Species Survival (C2S2) page appear frequently, but do they know what C2S2 is really about? In 2005, five of the world’s top endangered species breeding and management centers – Fossil Rim, San Diego Zoo Global, Smithsonian […]

Chris tractor

Just a few years ago, there were not a lot of avenues for a volunteer to traverse at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, but Chris Paulsen saw potential for much more. “My wife, Sara, and I began to volunteer at Fossil Rim early in 2013,” he said. “We began in tours and did some tree trimming, […]

vaccinate red deer

Kira Hydock knew she wanted to gain some hands-on experience at a place like Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, but when someone told her it could be in 2016 the Pittsburgh native was flat-out shocked. After all, Hydock, a graduate of Penn State with bachelor’s degrees in Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences in addition to African Studies, […]

Melanie sable

Melanie Dittmer spent three months at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center as a hoofstock and behavior research intern, but she was motivated to see the scope of her experience grow. “My long-term goal is to become an exotic animal veterinarian,” she said. “I look forward to starting vet school, so I was fortunate to be able […]

Morgan addra

As a young twentysomething navigates his or her career path, uncertainty is often the name of the game. When Morgan Rosenbaum arrived at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center May 16 as a veterinary technician intern, so many questions crowded her mind. Fortunately, some of the most important answers came in a hurry for the native of […]